The 12 Tribes of Israel

Play the classic game of "go fish" with the theme of the 12 tribes of Israel. 

Iron Sharpens Iron

A witness case scenario game to prepare you to give an answer for the hope that lies within you.

Who Am I? Bible Game

Who am I Printable Bible Game
 A Bible character guessing game. Fun for all ages!


Fun new matching games to learn about some of the greatest people in the bible.

Group Games

Games that can be played as a family or a group.

Follow the Shepherd  NEW!!

Creation Walk  NEW!!

Bible Memory

Play the classic Memory game with a Bible theme.  Bright, colorful cards bring this fun game to life with 30 different Bible story matches.  You can download and print the file here, creating your own permanent game at home, or you can play online now by clicking the links below.

   Play online version of Bible Memory now

Bible Verse Memory


Find the Animals for the Ark


Gather the Fruits of the Spirit


Scripture Scramble

Help each other find the hidden animals to fill Noah's Ark!

Learn about the Fruits of the Spirit and work with each other, as a group, to gather the 9 fruits.

A puzzle game to help you to memorize a verse by putting the words in order to form the correct sequence.


Bible Eyewitness/
Bible Word Picture


Armor of Yahweh
Craft and Game


AM I...?

Two separate group games using the same material.  Test yourself to see how well your memory is or think of something the relates to the bible.

Play as a group and build your own soldier with the armor of Yahweh.

A group game of guessing the person, place or thing the Bible! Player will be given a card and try to guess what he/she has!

I Spy

A simple game of answering clues and finding them in the pictures provided.

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