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Our monthly Children’s Page consists of Bible Stories, Israel Fun Facts, Bible Theme Crafts, Puzzles, Healthy Snack Ideas, Hebrew Lessons and much more.
**Previous years have been combined into one file.**

Puzzle Booklets

Fun puzzle booklets based off different themes of the bible.

Previous Craft Projects

Coloring Pages

Bible Coloring Pages for Children.

Israel's Harvest Fruits
Yahweh is My Shepherd
Garden Landscape

The Disciples Upon Stormy Waters

The Woman With the Jar

Sailboat on the Lake

Children at Play

Observe the Birds of the Heaven
Train up a Child

The Sheep Know Their Shepherd

The Lilies of the Field

Visiting Grandpa

Visiting the Sick

Lighting the Menorah

Little Lost Sheep

Helping Mother
Paul Hears Yahshua
Healing the Sick
Peace of the Kingdom
Samuel Hears the Voice of YAHWEH


Farming With Dad
In Search of the Lost Sheep

David Strikes Goliath

Sing a Song to YAHWEH
David is Anointed

David is Crowned as King

Gardening With the Family

The 12 Tribes of Israel
The Horse is Made Ready

Ruth at the Feet of Boaz

Where you go I Will go

Mordecai and Hadassah

Esther is Crowned
Cain and Abel   NEW!!

Elijah is Fed by Ravens NEW!!

Activity Booklets

Fun activity booklets to learn about Yahweh's set apart Holy Feasts each year.

(All years have been combined into one packet)

Feast of Passover and Unleavened Bread

 Feast of Shavuot

Feast of Passover Activity Booklet
Shavuot Activity Booklet

Feast of Trumpets and Day of Atonement

Feast of Sukkot

Feast of Trumpets and Day of Atonement Activity Booklet
Feast of Sukkot Activity Booklet

Also available in Afrikaans! Email us for more information.


Biodegradable Planting Pots


Supplies Needed:

  • Newspaper
  • Scissors   
  • A can (such as an old soup can)   
  • Potting soil or dirt   
  • Seeds of your choice


1. Take a sheet of newspaper and fold in thirds. Cut newspaper along the folds, in long strips (about       inches x 24 inches).
2. Take the can and place it at one end of the strip, making sure the newspaper is at least an inch     
    longer than the can.  Roll the can securely until all of the newspaper is wrapped around it. (Don’t      roll too tightly or it will be hard to remove the can).
3. Fold the edges of the newspaper that are sticking out down over the can. Turn the can over and    
    press down firmly.
4. Pull out the can. (You can also fold the top in about ¼ of an inch to create a rim for your pot).
5. Fill with potting soil or dirt, and plant seeds according to their directions.
6. Place in a tray to keep them stable, and water as directed. It is best to water with a spray bottle.
7. When you are ready to plant the seedlings into the ground, dig a hole that is big enough to fit your     plant and cover around it with dirt. The newspaper will biodegrade within weeks.
Toilet Paper Rolls

  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Scissors     
  • Potting soil or dirt    
  • Seeds of your choice


1. Cut toilet paper rolls in half for most seeds. If you are planting peas, corn or tomatoes leave the 

   toilet paper rolls whole. (These vegetables need a longer root run).
2. To create a base, cut 4 inch-long strips at one end of the tube, at each corner of the roll (at 3:00,  

    6:00, 9:00, and 12:00)
3. Fold the flaps down like a box, alternating the flaps to create a strong, interlocking base.
4. Fill with potting soil, and plant seeds according to their directions.
5. Place toilet paper rolls in a tray to keep stable, and water the seeds as necessary.
6. When you are ready to plant, you can peel off the cardboard and plant in an appropriate size

    hole. (You can leave the seedlings in the cardboard roll, but they will take longer to rot down

    than newspaper).

If you would like a print out version click here: PDF Printout

Disciple's Fishing Boat Craft

Yahshua said, Come after me, and I will make you fishers of the sons of men.

Matthew 4:29

Supplies Needed:

  • Small Piece of Felt (Rectangular Shape)
  • Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Small Piece of Net (From Fruit Bag)
  • Scissors
  • Brown Colored Paper for Boat
  • Crayons or Markers
  • Thin Rope or Yarn for Hanging the Picture
  • Craft Pipe Cleaner
  • 1 Piece of Paper cut to the Size of the Cardboard (Backing for the Picture)


  1.  With the brown colored paper, cut out your boat.  You can draw the lines on the boat as pictured above.
  2. Glue all your pieces to the cardboard as shown in the picture. 
  3. Color in the water and waves and add a sun if you desire.
  4. Cut out the verse below and add to your picture.
  5. Glue the yarn or rope piece to the back of the picture and then glue the colored paper to the back to cover it.
  6. Let dry at least an hour before hanging.

If you would like a print out version click here: PDF Printout

More Bible Activities for Children Coming Soon!


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