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Free to use Pictures

    Hundreds of free to use pictures from beautiful places all over Israel, to get a better understanding and a visual of what the Holy Land looks like. A wide variety of the surrounding countries are included as well. Some places include Petra, Jordan, The German and Austrian Alps, The Red Sea and Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. I've also uploaded pictures from famous National Parks in the United States, such as The Grand Canyon, Arches, Rocky Mountain National Park, along with several everyday use pictures that might be found useful. All pictures are free to use and download for any use, except for commercial purposes. I also highly recommend them to be used for ministry work in your local areas to share the "Good News" of the soon coming Kingdom. I've broken them down into five different categories: Animals, Cities, Close-ups, Landscape and People, and they can be found by clicking on the link below. 

Zugspitze, German Alps

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