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Where in the World is Apostle Paul

Where in the World is the Apostle Paul?

Follow the clues and search the scriptures to find out where the Apostle Paul is.

Bible Desktop Background with scripture versess

Desktop Backgrounds

New desktop backgrounds have been added under the Gallery Page.

Biblical Calendar from Aviv 2023 to Aviv 2024

Biblical Calendar

Experience the yearly calendar in a biblical way.

Shalom Hebrew

The Hebrew Alphabet

Increase your knowledge by learning the language of the bible.

Laws of the Torah

Laws of Torah

Reference Guide

A reference guide showing all the laws of the Torah.

Biblical Feast Bookmarks

Bookmarks for all the Biblical Feasts

Ponder a Proverb

Ponder a Proverb

What do you think this Proverb means?

Wisdom cries aloud outside; she gives her voice in the square; she calls at the head of places of commotion; in the opening of the gates, in the city she utters her words;

Proverbs 1:20-21

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Comments From Around the World

There are many great ideas - some I can't wait to use!

United States

In my lesson on Jonah and the whale I included your awesome cut-out of Jonah and the great fish. Thank you very much for your help and many greetings from across the ocean! 


I am the Administrator and one of the Children's Workers at our church and I love your website. Thank you so much. We really appreciate this. We would love to promote your website.

United Kingdom

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Hebraic Roots Bible

Freely you have received, freely give.

Matthew 10:8

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