Bible Eyewitness/
Bible Word Picture

Two separate group games using the same material.  Test yourself to see how well your memory is or think of something the relates to the bible.


 Armor of Yahweh
Craft and Game

Play as a group and build your own soldier with the armor of Yahweh.


AM I...?

A group game of guessing the person, place or thing the Bible! Player will be given a card and try to guess what he/she has!




Find the Animals for the Ark

Gather the Fruits of the Spirit

Scripture Scramble

Help each other to find the hidden animals to fill Noah's Ark.
Learn about the Fruits of the Spirit and work with each other, as a group, to gather the 9 fruits.
A puzzle game to help you to memorize a verse by putting the words in order to form the correct sequence.

Ponder a Proverb

Proverbs are Yahweh's wisdom for us in our daily lives and can be applied to every situation in life.    

For you shall make war for yourself by wise advice, and deliverance is in the great counselor.

Proverbs 24:6

What do you think this Proverb means?

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Upcoming Audio Plays

  • Joshua and the Walls of Jericho  2 Parts Male/Female Available
                                                               1 Male Part Available
  • Daniel and the Lion's Den           2 Parts Male/Female Available
                                                               5 Male Parts Available
  • Abraham and Isaac                     2 Parts Male/Female Available
                                                               3 Male Parts Available
  • Rahab and the Two Spies           2 Parts Male/Female Available
                                                               4 Male Parts Available
                                                               1 Female Part Available
  • Jacob and Esau - The Blessing   2 Parts Male/Female Available
                                                               3 Male Parts Available
                                                               1 Female Part Available

    "Obtain the truth and sell it not, also wisdom and instruction and understanding"- Proverbs 23:23  

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